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my name is chukwuemeka my friends call me bealluche I am gentle and hard working person so loving and caring ,looking for true relationship with some1

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Eyo Ekung Inyang, Nigeria

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Age: 38


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born and brought up in delta state agbor I am also GOD faring person I aways put GOD first in every thing I do because the far of GOD is the beginning of wisdom,what can I say of myself I am respectful to every humannite not because of what you have,but what you are,I am single looking for true relationship someone who  can love me not because of what have or what I don't have I am a hard working man not a lazy person  I have all it takes as a man for women to present, I am gentle ,handsome,loving,caring hardworking not depending on anybody but GOD for now I am out of the country  hopefully one day I will come back to settle down you know a says who say their is no place like home , I love my country naija and the people dear-in  I am constenDant, what God has given me I am not the type of a man who beat up the woman they proclaimed to love and cherish I believe in true because when there's love there be joy  I also love sports my favorite is football etc,my football club of team fc, Chelsea,do I drink not once-in awhile I love hang├╣ingout with my real friends not a friend with bad credit because  there is a say show me your friends and I will tell you what you are ,I have always a clean mind towhat everybody not discremirate  because GOD  make us to understand in his  eyes all fingers are Equal I always appreciate the hand work of GOD ,the air I breath today ,for choosing me among the living
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