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38, male, Divorced

Washington, United States

I am Intelligent, compassionate, and I have a goofy sense of humor. Though I tend to be shy at first I will open up like a freakin' flower if I like my company. I am looking for a long term relationship, but I am also looking for friends at all times. I love cuddling, intimacy and just all around nauseating levels of sweetness. I am goofy to the extreme, enjoy long, intelligent discussions, and I am very open-minded.Right now I am a student at a local community college but I plan to transfer to a four year for my Bachelor's degree. I currently have two AA's in Philosophy and English. Even if you aren't interested in me romantically, if you want to talk about these subjects (or Mythology, I love mythology), just contact me, I love to talk about these subjects with anybody who is willing.My less common interests are martial arts, learning (yes, I read textbooks for fun), and I just started to get into archery. I love reading and video games. I am a huge Science Fiction and Horror nerd. I also enjoy Fantasy if it isn't too cliche. I would consider myself chaotic good (if you understand that reference: awesome. If not, that's okay).I am looking for someone who is open-minded and kind. Likes to have deep, meaningful talks, and is committed. I seriously believe in monogamy and I would never cheat. I am not looking for a fling or casual . I would like a partner that is ethical and likes to learn. I know this isn't very specific, but that is because I am open to very different types of people.

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31, female, Single

Stuttgart, Germany

I'm a good, honest person with an environmental conscious who loves nature and outdoor activities and wants to have a positive impact on its community and our biodiversity. I'm also a good and reliable friend who enjoy helping others and like to spend time with family and friends. Love animals, plants and going outdoors to enjoy the beauty of our planet.

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40, male, Divorced

Raleigh, United States

I am not desperately looking for a serious relationship, but I am open to making committed friends, maybe one special person. Ordinarily, I only shop where the shelves are stacked and the drawers are full. So if you didn't have the goods, I would have to shop elsewhere. I find black women particularly attractive. No bored online females with too much time on their hands, please - I don't want to waste my precious time with them,Song composition, playing classical and acoustic guitar, digital video, radio (internet & community, though that is currently on hold), volunteering. I play in a beginners band (saxophone on Mondays). On Thursdays, I have recently started playing trumpet with a community orchestra, after spending one year with a different beginners band). Here's me playing saxophone, in the band of which I continue to be a member (December 2015

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44, female, Single

Boeng Reang, Kenya

I am a melancholic personality under the molding of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I like reading, listening and engaging in gospel worship during free time, value deligence in work and like to support others. I draw strength from spending time with God in the centre of business, christian ministry, romance, community service, social life, literally everything. for He is the alpha and omega and without Him nothing was or will be.

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56, male, Widowed

Fabius, United States

My name is Mark Taylor 48 years old.I have been a widower for 4 years with 1 son and 1 daughter, I'm 6.1 fit tall and work as a contractor, I have brown eye's and brown hair, My friends say I am hard working and trustworthy with a good sense of humor. I enjoy a good laugh or making someone else laugh. I own my own business and have worked hard at it for approximately 20 years. I am grateful for what I have and I am looking for a long term relationship and all the wonderful things that go with it...long walks.. endless conversation . .. and doing things on the spur of the moment.I volunteer in my community as a firefighter, there is nothing like seeing the appreciation on a neighbors face when you have helped them in their time of need. I have been a volunteer for about four years now and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon. I enjoy traveling, walking, looking at the stars, watching a good movie, a good bottle of wine and your company. I truly believe the right woman is out there for me even though I have to say that NJ offers a lot of fakes. Please be honest and post a picture that was taken recently and not 10 years ago. Be who you say you are and not what guys might want to hear. I'm pretty mild at heart, easy to get along with and a perfect gentle man... I'm excited to meet you and find out who you are.

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