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40, male, Single

Morissiria, Liberia

I hold a university degree in Sociology with minor in Management. Courses I read alongside in sociology broaden my knowledge in understanding people from different backgrounds and cultural perspectives, norms and traditions. I've obtained skills in radio broadcasting, social work, volunteerism, and community services and have been able to demonstrate high level of integrity and trust worthiness. alongside my degree in sociology, I've been able to accept people, regardless of their beliefs, races, ethnicity, norms and culture differences.As a student of Cuttington University. But now i need a relationship that i can count on for life.

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29, male, Single

Sunset, United States

I'm from the Yepremian family, I play professional football not soccer, I have try outs and just want someone new. Someone long term. My family was great with the Armenian community that's how I want to continue it to be. I work out obviously. I'm loyal and I trained mixed martial arts and have wrestled. If I can't show you off and protect you from terrible people then your ex is who you should be with;) the minute I find who I want this profile will be turned off. Let's talk! ;)

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39, male, Single

Elvas, Portugal

I was born 31st December1983 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, My permanent Resident in Bangladesh, I have a Brother and two sister and even though our Ages differ 2+4+6years, we are bing Friends from our child hood we live with our parents, In 2004 I start my own business outlet for Electronics goods which as Capricorn electronics extra in Bashundhara city shopping mall,Dhaka Bangladesh.this is where I've decide that I want to do everything possible to be involved in community work, I am also motivational Speaker and do motivational talks to the public, I started becoming more and more interested the Electronics goods retail chin outlet Industry, As a result I bought myself an Idol Electronics showroom.Now I live Lisbon for strat new Business

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44, male, Single

Aiken, United States

Im seeking something real .... I want to actually have a interesting and meaningful conversation with someone.... the worst good thing that could happen is that we could become friends...Hi ..... its great to meet you : ) My name is Tom.... but people that know me call me Tommy.... I am a unique person looking for a unique and outstanding women.... Lets see..... My friends would best describe me as loving, loyal, and a good entertainer. By day I work full time for Slippery Rock University as staff for the maintenance department ..... and I love it!!! The people that I work with are amazing! We're a big family pretty much. I enjoy the benefits of working here and the community in Slippery Rock is unique. Right now I rent an apartment cottage like place.... three miles out of town. Its in the woods close to the slippery rock creek where i like to kayak and enjoy the water. The summers are beautiful here! My home life consists of listening to music, having fires, sitting on the porch and telling stories with friends.....In my spare time I work on my paintings. I enjoy and have a deep passion for art. At night I like going out to the local Brewery sometimes for live music and dancing. I enjoy going to festivals, camping, and kayaking. So why am I on here? Well, I'm looking for someone to spend time with, get to know, and hopefully more ..... "I believe that a relationship is what you make of it" ..... I am looking to meet someone to learn things with, enjoy life with, and develop a strong relationship with..... "Hope to meet you someday!!!" I am a outgoing person, but at times can be a private individual.... I am shy but have a good heart.... and have a good group of friends..... Im looking to meet someone that is genuine and is kind hearted.... I want to be with someone that has time to have fun and develop a strong relationship with.... my life is full of good things in all aspects... from work to my home lif

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56, female, Divorced

Warrens, United States

I've realized that I will only be happy with another professional - level musician/producer. I am a well-read, well-traveled recording artist, semi-retired but still writing/performing. I've had a very interesting life so far and would like to continue to do so, now that my son is grown and I am free to to what I want to do. What I want to do is move back to Europe or to some lovely tropical place, travel and write in the company of a lovely, kind and funny civilized gentleman who understands music and the finer things but isn't an ass about it.I am interested in buying a cave and growing my own food and things like that, but I also love cities and art, music and theater. I'd love to lie around on a beach, go inside and record some music, and then dress up and go dancing and to long, leisurely dinners by candlelight or torchlight....shall I ramble on? I've always thought it would be fun to spend a month here and a month there, places I haven't been to - Spain, Laos, Antarctica, South America, wherever...but at the same time I would relish being part of an intellectual/creative community sort of like Paris in the 20's - where are all the interesting people these days? Berlin? New York? Certainly not where I am. I was so looking forward to Seattle (I'd never been here) after spending 10 years in the Mojave Desert making music and trying to be like Jesus, but so far I'm pretty disappointed. I'm looking for enthusiasm and quality, someone who tries to be conscious and enjoys living, understands what a gift we have.

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