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43, female, Single

Ugbon, Philippines

My name is Liezel, its hard to describe myself but my friends describe me as a an encourager friend. I am single and love children..., I love doing mission work, mobilizing people to do community service. It is an amazing thing that you can be a part of someones life through helping and encouraging people. I have been some places for short mission trips . But for now, Currently I'm teaching and have a ministry as worship leader in our church. If you want to know me more, just drop me a message. I'm here in this site, hoping for a lifetime partner in life. A husband who is in love with Jesus and has a deep intimate relationship of Him. :stop:Whoever finds a wife finds something good and has obtained favor from the LORD. :stop:Proverbs 18:22

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30, female, Single

East Lyme, United States

I am adventurous and genuine person to be around with. Respect is a big part of me. The Things I like to do is to try new things and help people. Giving back to the community is what completes me as a person, that’s one of the reasons that I want to become a physician InshAllah. I see the good in people and I like to be productive. I believe anything is possible if you but in effort and dedication. Also, I'm really into fashion and like to design outfits. Hope to find a person that completes me, my best friend, and can make me laugh.

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72, male, Divorced

Amherst, United States

I love baseball (the Boston Red Sox) Turner Classic Movies (I am sort of a old movie historian) mystery stories (especially Rex Stout and Ross MacDonald) and several of the BBC Crime stories on PBS. I have become a big fan of "Inspector Banks" and "Death in Paradise." I am 64 years old, a white male with a full head of hair, no balding. It is hot where I live (Las Vegas) so I keep my silver colored hair quite short, but conservative, not a Marine cut. I have no tattoos. I despise tattoos, especially on woman and girls, as I think they take away from a females natural beauty. I keep myself in pretty good shape, maybe five pounds over the limit, so I weigh in at about 180 pounds. I am five feet, seven inches tall. I have strong legs and strong arms, no tummy, just a little too heavy in the torso. (or so I think.) I have a very short goatee that covers my chin and upper lip but no my neck. My goatee is almost all white with some black and gray hair in it.I was a community activist when I was in my 20's and quite liberal/leftist in my politics. I never finished college as I always seemed to be working, frequently as a writer and then a historical researcher; books, documentary films, that sort of thing. I finally ended up in Los Angeles in 1987 and worked in television production until a few years ago, when I went to live for about two years in Kenya, Africa. I will explain all that later. My best known work was as an associate producer on "The Wonder Years" which I was very proud of. At this time I work distributing older, historic movies with DVD companies as well as basic cable TV. I was born in Springfield, MA on July 31, 1950, so I recently had a birthday. I don't feel 64, but then again I am not sure what a 64 year old man is supposed to feel like! I try and act youthful (occasionally silly and goofy) and have a good sense of humor. I think funny is Bob and Ray, W.C. Fields, Fred Allen, Groucho Marx, and maybe the master of cinema comedy, Preston Sturges.

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30, male, Single

Rolette, United States

As a boy, Ken Candelas grew up in an artistic home where creativity was encouraged. His mother, Abigail Vallé, was a noted fashion designer whose fashion line, Altacalidad, was all the rage in Puerto Rico throughout the 1980's while his father, Hector Candelas, was an in-demand session and touring musician as well as musical director for noted artists such as Lissette Álvarez, Ednita Nazario and Menudo among others. During his teenage years, Ken studied fine art at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, the prestigious institution made popular by the iconic movie, “Fame”. He received several noted awards for his artwork and designs including the Milton Glaser Award and First Place in the Directory of N.Y.C. Public High Schools Design Competition. Upon graduation, Ken decided to pursue his deep interest in rhythm and music production, following in his father's footsteps.Graduating with honors from Queensborough Community College as a Music Production major, Ken is a classically-trained musician and engineer studying audio and physics at The City College of New York, and is a member of The Recording Academy and Audio Engineering Society. He operates in New York City and collaborates with clients on both east and west coasts. Ken is extremely well-versed in capturing high-definition recordings and post-production ethics, as well as having strong musical skill. His experience from learning at studios such as Masterdisk, Harvestworks, and most recently at Spin Recording Studios and Big Yellow Duck have played a very important role into shaping his career. He is also currently the drummer for New York City rock band Four Trips Ahead and the Gigs & the Professor Orchestra.

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57, female, Divorced

White Rock, United States

Stable, gentle person who cares about social issues such as our elders,children,animals,environment&world peace. Love the simple country life such as (organic)gardening, wildcrafting,baking/cooking, making extracts,art, music.Raised Catholic(traditional/orthodox)but love the dharma & learning(Tibetan) Buddhism.Saddened by the current state of the US & interested in relocating to SA to live in a community with a more traditional & moral lifestyle. I'm interested to meet like minded people for friendship & possible relationship.Currently teaching myself Spanish(slowly). I have 2 years of nursing school and have managed a AAA accredited motel. I've also managed & tended bar at nightclubs & fraternal organizations. I, myself don't drink. Looks or a disability doesn't concern me. I am looking for a friend or partner who is good on the inside.

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