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Buki Manu, Nigeria

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32, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

helloI was formally born in Germany at Berlin living with my Mom and Dad happy..But something happened very strange that bring all my family apart and my Mom bring me to African but the West African state near a country called Ghana.So now am in Ghana and nice to meet you..

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30, male, Single

Morissiria, Liberia

Um.. I am a Christian and I am interested in art,music, writing, and singing. I love life because it is a gift from God to all of humanity. I am an African and I have never been in the West not once. I am a cancer so that makes me more of a home person but adventurous sometimes bacaues I am a scorpion in moon ascending. I hope to be a man of valor some days with the help of God Almighty. I want to have a family, want to be successful, wnat to serve God, and I want to be a voice among man. I am a big fan of gospel musics, mellow and country musics. My best wish is to fullfill my destiny. I believe I have a destiny gene in me and it must be used for the glory of God.

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49, male, Divorced

Springfield, United States

Hi i am 5"6 african american looking to date outside my race. I am a fun person who loves to enjoy life to fullest. I dont let everyday situations get me down,i smile when i am happy,when i am sad and always in a good mood.I set goals for myself goals i know i can achieve.I am athletic build,love lifting weights,taking walks,and things out of the ordinary.Looking for someone with the same interest.

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42, male, Single

Mapaville, United States

My name is V’eron, I am serving a 7 year prison sentence for drug possession in Minnesota. I am 37 years young, 5’9, 169 lbs. I am a strong African American man, intelligent and aware of what is going on in the world around me. I continue to educating myself everyday, I currently take classes for psychology and take C-tech courses. I am also in the IFI program. I am looking for someone I can talk to, exchange life experiences with, and possibly grow with. Someone who wants to talk about their thoughts and dreams. Ultimately, some who just wants to be heard. I workout 6 days a week, I am a peaceful person, some might say the quiet type, and I love to read!

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47, male, Divorced

Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

I am a sportsman, exercises regularly and widely travelled. Been to europe and America, south Africa and a number of African countries.

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