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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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Lafiya, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Nta Ubiem, Nigeria

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Walnim, Nigeria

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Mbiakpan Ididep, Nigeria

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Dala-Dagum, Nigeria

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T-Moma, Nigeria

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36, female, Single

Duesseldorf, Germany

My name is Stacy i am a lady of 29 years of age and i am a graduate of Nurse Training School that i was Trained to become a Nurse...........I am truly a "Lady in Waiting". Waiting for the right man to steal my heart away.I believe that couples definitely need to have some interests in common, but I don't believe they have to share all the same interests as long as there is mutual respect and consideration.I'm faithful to the extreme.....I am Single (five years ago), fair, dark black hair, brown eyes, 5' 9", 141 lbs.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure.,am Living with my Mom and Dad in a Logging house,i am a germany By Birth,my mother is a Ghanaian and my father is from Germany....

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42, male, Married

Gwabi Nyelleng, Nigeria

I am black from Nigeria with great passion for new friends in love and life challenge encouragement.

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24, male, Single

Philo, United States

I like singing, dancing, running, writing, and eating. I want to meet singles and hopefully get a date and see if it works out. Let me know what your hobbies are please.

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77, male, Single

Venice, United States

I am a professional, with a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering, who is also a vegan, a teetotaler, and very funny person who loves laughter. I play all indoor table, board and net games along with racquetball, squash and snooker. Outdoors, I play cricket, football (soccer), golf and tennis. I am a double black belt in martial arts. My lifestyle is very simple the results is that I do not have any close friends. It is not that I am anti-social but, I am not a lover of the bar scene. I prefer driving long distances or travelling to other countries of the world. I guess I love that because I was born in a foreign land and have done a lot of travelling after my graduation from a Canadian University. Character-wise, I am a teaser, funny guy who loves laughter. I am very gentle and I do not get caught up in any arguments.

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27, male, Single

Afaanam, Ghana

hi! Am a young man looking for a beautiful lady to date

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Isaye, Nigeria

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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Emi yamma, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Ibadan, Oyo, Ibadan, Nigeria

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Enugi, Nigeria

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Emigozan, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Ubima, Nigeria

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Buwangal, Nigeria

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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Isaye, Nigeria

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Bwonpe, Nigeria

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Yidabo, Nigeria


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