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Dating Prospect ikechukwu

Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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T-Kikwashi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect arynola

T-Moma, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Man Ganagidi, Nigeria

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Enugi, Nigeria

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Da'age, Nigeria

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Bwonpe, Nigeria

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60, male, Separated

Raleigh, United States

I'm seriously looking for someone who wants to relocate to the United States and have a family. I'm financially secured with a career in Emergency Management. I enjoy cooking international dishes, traveling and exploring various cultures worldwide.

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42, male, Single

Bradenton Beach, United States

I am independent and self reliant. I don't mind being alone but don't want to be lonely. I appreciate the companionship of a good man and the completeness that we can bring to each others lives. I enjoy intimacy and miss it terribly. I would like to find someone I can give my heart to. I am not into the singles social scene. A long term relationship is my ultimate goal. However, I am not going to rush into anything. FRIENDSHIP FIRST IS A MUST! Looks are only the beginning. I am more interested in whats on the inside. I do not expect perfection, just someone with a good kind heart, integrity, intelligence, etc..

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24, male, Single

Philo, United States

I like singing, dancing, running, writing, and eating. I want to meet singles and hopefully get a date and see if it works out. Let me know what your hobbies are please.

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43, male, Divorced

Jonestown, United States

Play piano, love to travel and very family oriented. Looking for someone with the same views and is willing to get to know me.

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59, male, Widowed

Ngwachani, Turkey

ı am alone man ı like ıceland lady because so beatıful.clever.loyal..ı am lookıng for my love.....Love me tender, love me sweet,Never let me go.You have made my life complete,And I love you so.Love me tender, love me true,All my dreams fulfilled.For my darling, I love you,And I always will.Love me tender, love me long,Take me to your heart.For it’s there that I belong to,And we’ll never part.Love me tender, love me dear,Tell me you are mine.I’ll be yours through all the years, Till the end of time. Love is a beautiful thing that all of us are seeking for it for the whole life. Having someone to love and being loved by someone are the luckiest two things in the world. No matter what you were and what you are, I want to say, I love you, not because who you are, but who I am when I am with you

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Dating Prospect slickm

Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

Dating Prospect funmi

Ndaturaki, Nigeria

Dating Prospect bollynae

Bwonpe, Nigeria

Dating Prospect aimex

Dangi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect victoria

Kusogoyi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect florence

Tsauni, Nigeria

Dating Prospect lmaobong

Amula odunlade, Nigeria

Dating Prospect michie96

Ose, Nigeria

Dating Prospect mcaydot

Dabanfu, Nigeria

Dating Prospect undisputedtunx

Kwatan Wara, Nigeria

Dating Prospect olabanjir

T-Mamman, Nigeria

Dating Prospect oyinlola

Gwodworo, Nigeria

Dating Prospect lizzydare

T-Bogo, Nigeria

Dating Prospect amaechi7

Kpara, Nigeria

Dating Prospect rose

Oyo, Nigeria

Dating Prospect taiwo

Kpame, Nigeria


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