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Lafiyagi, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Da'age, Nigeria

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Kpara, Nigeria

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Emigozan, Nigeria

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Bwonpe, Nigeria

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Emi yamma, Nigeria

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Ikot Nkwa, Nigeria

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26, male, Single

Blackwreath, Egypt

iam omar 18 years old i searching for an amazing girl

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51, male, Divorced

Tadcaster, United Kingdom

I moved here 6 months ago, to find the town to be a little dead at night. It's mainly full of retirees. I enjoyed York and I haven't tried Leeds yet. I haven't even got to any singles nights. It's difficult when you only go out on your own. My friends live 90 miles away and I go back there once every 3 months, so I'd like a partner. I am a Digital Magazine Editor, working the Yorkshire area, so I'm always round and about. I am a genuinely funny guy, charming and attractive. I'm interested in Spiritual side of life, for example self awareness and personal development courses. I love the beach and the sea the most and plan to retire somewhere HOT! I have lived a very interesting, difficult and rewarding life so I became a writer and I have just put my 15th into Amazon. I am also a qualified teacher trainer, life coach, business coach and seminar speaker.

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47, male, Single

Rzeszow, Poland

One thing I'm definitely not is being an alpha man. I'm shy, awkward, idealistic, solitary, disorganized, daydreaming, moody, messy, forgetful, not punctual, depressive at times, private, funny, I'm into writing, I like people who are different, "unorthodox", sort of eccentric. Looking for a soulmate and lover, heard there are many singles and introverts in Iceland, wanted to give it a try... I lived in England for 10 years working as a carer, now I'm back to my native Poland.

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40, male, Married

Delmar, United States

I love the outdoors and ing in the outdoors. I love all sports, fish, hike, and camp. Long walks on the beach fallowed by amazing beach .

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56, male, Single

Gridley, United States

I am; Mature, wise, clever, creative, loyal, compassionate, naughty, strong, open minded, big hearted, and, well, and lonely. I would really like to spend time with a strong, spiritual lady. I am looking for a match with a mutual attraction on the mental, physical and emotional planes. I have had a very interesting life, and have traveled roads far off of the beaten path. I have a few close friends who are amazing people, and who love me like family. My blood family loves me too, but I am not always sure they understand me, although they do accept me for who I am. I like to write, paint, listen to good music, in many different genres, and I like to learn new things. I work in the restaurant business, and cooking is another outlet for my creative drive. I am very anti-authoritarian, but balance this with a strong sense of personal responsibility. If you are right for me I will let you inside my armor, and protect you, as your love nourishes me. But lets start with one step at a time, and enjoy the journey, no matter where it leads.-R

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Oyo, Nigeria

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Mandafa, Nigeria

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Sheshiko, Nigeria

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Gboro, Nigeria

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Gwodworo, Nigeria

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Man Ganagidi, Nigeria

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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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Walnim, Nigeria

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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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Ikot Awak, Nigeria

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Majin Karami, Nigeria

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Emigozan, Nigeria

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Ikot Ofong, Nigeria

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Elepo, Nigeria

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Mayin Raka, Nigeria

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T-Bogo, Nigeria


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