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Dating Prospect dammy

Walnim, Nigeria

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Emigozan, Nigeria

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Tumfafi, Nigeria

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Nta Ubiem, Nigeria

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Oyo, Nigeria

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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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Abuchado, Nigeria

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Akote, Nigeria

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62, male, Divorced

Warrens, United States

I am naturally a great guy who understand the simple things in life, a positive person, straightforward, open-minded, and I'm usually in a great mood. I am full of fun and laughter and always ready for an adventure. I try to find humor in almost everything and I don't sweat the small stuff. I have a fast-thinking sense of humor and I'm a huge practical joker. I go to the gym when i can to stay fit. I love children and all kinds of friendly animals. I am a humble guy, pleasant, like to seek opportunities, have good taste, love the finer things in life. I'm still a balance of sophistication and professionalism, mixed with just the right amount of mischief, adventure and humor. I can be a true gentleman, romantic or a naughty bad boy, and that's what keeps things exciting. I am "down to earth," not conceited or self centered, but I do succeed,I am looking for someone who is romantic and sincere, and enjoys smiling and a warm heart. I love romance like walks in the park, picnics, candle light dinners, gazing at the stars, holding hands, snuggling by a fireplace, or snuggling watching television. Anything that brings each other’s heart closer and closer because life is to short to play head games. I’m looking to find someone who I can connect with emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. I possess an indomitable managerial and entrepreneurial spirit and I am at my best when in the company of positive like minded people. I like to travel. I have been to a lot of places in the last 5 years; I enjoy doing this traveling. I also enjoy looking at architecture and art, I like plays, theater, concerts etc. I enjoy watching some sports. I like walking, hiking and bicycle riding, I also enjoy basketball. Just a few things that make my life worth living, A great sunrise or sunset, The smell of fresh rain after a storm, shooting stars, walks on a sunny beach, a hug from someone who needs one, good friends who share their love with you. I am hoping you see all of life's possibil

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32, male, Single

Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh

i am a romantic men. i wanna romance someone! love love love love Love...........................................

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59, male, In a Relationship

Malmo, Sweden

I am a man loving and honest in my dealings with people, especially women, which Tqdrna very affectionate and love to exercise sometimes, especially swimming and I like alcohol too and a special girl with Tqdrna and loved romance and love to travel, if allowed physical conditions and love and love and I love the many things ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ♥♥

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33, female, Single

Haftanyiyen, Turkey

i am single, simple, honest easy to laugh, caring, down-to-earth individual with a really good sense of humor. I like being domestic, nothing pleases me more than to see every one happy. I enjoy romantic music and slow dancing as well. I prefer romantic, attractive, affectionate man. I believe that romance is a very important part of the relationship. I enjoy men who are confident with themselves and are not afraid to express themselves in a diplomatic way.

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31, female, Single

Columbus, United States

I’m a kind, loyal and down-to-earth person. I am attentive, gentle and sensual, and I believe my man will appreciate that. I’m romantic, and I would like to keep romance in our family forever. I’m friendly, steady and sympathetic. My friends and my family can always rely on me. I can help people any time they need that. I respect people for who they are, and I give people what I want to get in return. This is my life principle. I’m responsible. I will never give a word if I know that I can’t keep it. I’m very active. I like to spend time with friends, and I think that communication with people is a great entertainment. But I like to do a lot of other things for fun too. Life has so much to offer to us and I try to take everything from it. I can’t stay without doing anything. I’ve never understood lazybones. I can’t imagine my life on the couch. I lead an active lifestyle, and I am full of energy. I’m very positive and for me the glass of water is always half full. ! Life is so great, and we can enjoy it to the fullest

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Dating Prospect chommy

Nda Doko, Nigeria

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Mbiakpan Ididep, Nigeria

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Kubaje, Nigeria

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Maiyama, Nigeria

Dating Prospect solomon

Dangi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect samo

Dangi, Nigeria

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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

Dating Prospect sun39

Amasso, Nigeria

Dating Prospect 1992

Enugi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect shyneolu

Emi yamma, Nigeria

Dating Prospect adebukola

Bwonpe, Nigeria

Dating Prospect ladye

Buwangal, Nigeria

Dating Prospect ellacious

Isaye, Nigeria

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Ose, Nigeria

Dating Prospect elizabeth2020

Man Ganagidi, Nigeria

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Emigozan, Nigeria


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