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61, male, Single

Talmage, United States

I’m searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, spirituality, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, opening a door for you, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE!!! !Maybe the best place to start is with my personal philosophy about relationships – I believe that the best relationships start with a 'spark' of physical chemistry, but grow through deeper connections -- common interests; shared goals; mutual trust; affection, understanding, and a foundation of friendship and respect. There is nothing better than being in love with your best friend!! I enjoy music and the arts; movies and dining out; and nature and the great outdoors. I am comfortable hanging out at both honky-tonks and country clubs -- and everything in between. I love to learn, to explore, and to experience new people, places, and cultures.. My passion is travel and I believe that travel is one of the most educational and personally enriching activities that anyone can do -- and best done with a loving and compatible partner to share those special, once-in-a-lifetime memories...

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33, male, Single

Keshena, United States

I've been a musician all my life basically. It's pure instinct for me. I've combined artistic collaboration with romance before and tend to feel that it generates good results. Also, i can always have something to talk about with if I'm with another artist. Sometimes similar tastes and approaches to music can say something about someone, what their sensibilities and sensitivities are. Musicians can be very subtle people sometimes (okay, not every musician, definitely know some wild ones) so finding a connection between subtle people can require a lot of patience. I'm a pretty loving, romantic gay dude who likes caring for anyone that i like and who lets me. So yeah, definitely looking for another man when it comes to dating, but i'm willing to make non-romantic connections with any artist of any age or gender if you feel there might be something worth talking about. I really like psychedelic music of all kinds, i like a lot of space and texture and atmosphere and color and heart. I guess i've been playing mostly heavy psychedelic rock (or a type of it that i guess a lot of people call Post-Metal). here's one of my favorite albums at the moment:)I also like a lot of electronic music, ambient and psy and goa and deep trance and deep house.I even like some country, good ol' Townes Van Zandt is one of my poet-warrior heroes. I currently live in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. Music brought me out here. Puget Sound called to me, I relate strongly with a lot of the music this region has inspired and it is a good place to be to get a taste of that inspiration. Environment is important to me and I feel like any music i make reflects the environment i'm in. I needed those mountains and waters and evergreens! I'm from St. Louis, Missouri originally. I feel like the music i made back there was more oppressive, i feel like since moving out here i've really opened up as an artist and as a human.

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40, female, Single

Simi Valley, United States

Im looking for someone who is patient and gentle yet a bit aggressive but romantic about it. Someone who has connections in the music industry that wants a partner in business and pleasure that can become more. Im a rockstar at heart.

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42, male, Married

Thamaw Chaung, Iran

I am an architect, often very busy, I want a little living, I like the arts like painting, sculpture, cinema & music. I have not a glad life now & I am trying to improve my relationships & connections for better life. I am not very good in writing and prefer to know people gradually in life different occasions. Not very good in speaking good words for women but have a kind heart and mind instead that nowadays is very impossible to find in Tehran. 100 characters are very long for writing, I hate war, religion, Islamic republic, Saudi Arabia, Bashar Asad, Donald Trump, Ahmadinejad and . . .I also hate lying. The weels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, all through the townthe people on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down, all through the townthe doors on the bus go open and shut, open and shut, open and shut, all through the townall through the town, all through the town, all through the town, all through the town, all through the town

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30, male, Single

Wroclaw, Pakistan

I Like dating and serious relation ship with secure connection

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