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Dating Prospect ibrymovictor

Sheeshi Gona, Nigeria

Dating Prospect olaniyi

Dabanfu, Nigeria

Dating Prospect roseboy45

Bwonpe, Nigeria

Dating Prospect uduma101

Da'age, Nigeria

Dating Prospect 2303

T-Mamman, Nigeria

Dating Prospect victor

Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

Dating Prospect debby

Oyo, Nigeria

Dating Prospect omoluabi05

Bwonpe, Nigeria

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34, female, Single

Bagysan, Kenya

A perfect african lady, honest, caring, true, simple and quite hoping to find my prince charming her

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37, female, Single

Simi Valley, United States

Hello How are you doing? I appreciate your interest in me and i went through your profile again and I believe that you are my kind of my husband if what you write in your profile, i wish to get to know more about you better and about age is not matter to me because age is just a number.I am Sarah single never married 32 years old with 6:1 ft, weight: 62 kg 100 lbs on average in build. My fathers are American while my mother from Berlin Germany. I lived and grow up in Chicago IL U.S.A. I'm working in my father company as personal Inspector before he died, my father works with oil contractors in Utah and some parts of Asia Country and the United States and partially in West Africa and United Kingdom.I'm presently in Nigeria West African to come and claim my late father inheritance property from Nigeria Government. But i don't know if you don't mind to come and spend a weekend together to get know our self in common better with joy and fun happy together. I hope to hear your opinion.Here are some questions I want to ask you...what is your age?What is your real full name?Where are you from?What kind of job do you do?Do you have any children?Are you married?What do you like about me?Are you ready for a serious relationship?What is your bad and good experience in the performance of a lady on the Internet?You cannot speak or write English?Send me your pictureSarah.P.S I use Google Translate to send this message to you and let me know if you can write or read English very well.

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33, female, Single

Fairfield, United States

I am a pretty young african lady,I am looking for my soul mate.I need a man that is trustwoldy, someone who i can share my dreams, desires and fears with. Someone who can understand me, believe in me and someone who wants to see me happy. someone who will make mistakes, someone who will, one time or another make me cry, but will always be there to wipe away the tears and to say I'm Sorry.

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32, male, Single

Walnim, Nigeria

I am a Loving and caring man, having fun and swimming , always focused on the future. Plan ahead to get a standard and upright living. I am very straight forward, always say my mind and tells the truth. I am an African man who want to meet the foreigners for a generational reformers.

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35, male, Single

Bari Gare, Mozambique

I'm a simple guy, i like honest people and older than I'm, looking for relationship that will lead to marriage by God's grace, I'm a Christian but not religious, I'm African but will be the happiest person to find love outside Africa, age for me is nothing but numbers

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Dating Prospect innobi17

Dala-Dagum, Nigeria

Dating Prospect stanley808

Dangi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect samuelakex

Majin Karami, Nigeria

Dating Prospect thomenoch

Ayiso, Nigeria

Dating Prospect slickm

Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

Dating Prospect youngstunna

Bwonpe, Nigeria

Dating Prospect femi

Man Ganagidi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect beckylove

Dangi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect arynola

T-Moma, Nigeria

Dating Prospect seun003

Ijana, Nigeria

Dating Prospect stephensolidity

Dabanfu, Nigeria

Dating Prospect ladye

Buwangal, Nigeria

Dating Prospect tunphilps

Oyo, Nigeria

Dating Prospect festus120

Arewa, Nigeria

Dating Prospect chommy

Nda Doko, Nigeria

Dating Prospect paradizwhite

Oyo, Nigeria


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