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Mayin Raka, Nigeria

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Solok, Nigeria

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Abuchado, Nigeria

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Dukun Sakum, Nigeria

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Wasakiri, Nigeria

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Kwakhuna, Nigeria

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Elepo, Nigeria

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Okposo Iyede, Nigeria

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39, male, Single

Doutchi Koura, Qatar

I am a Man with Black Eyes, Black Hair, Fair Skin, 5 feet 10 inch Height. I am enjoying the life at every possible way. I like watching movies and news, swimming, traveling, reading blogs, etc. I am looking for a Girl/Woman for a friendship, dating and mutual understanding..

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31, female, Single

Dayton, United States

I enjoy playing music, of course. I started off by playing flute/piccolo in band and than later began to teach myself to play guitar around 20 years old. I also have started to develop my voice more. I'd more than anything like to be a vocalist. I also enjoy writing, reading, witty banter, traveling, and learning new things. I plan on moving out west in about a year to give my career the chance to really take off. I'm a bit of a nerd that really enjoys a good conversation. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for, whether it be short-term or long-term dating but I'm not interested in just hooking up. Just hoping to hit it off with someone that enjoys and values music as much as I do \m/

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33, female, Single

Kingston, Jamaica

I am a beautiful ray of sunshine from Jamaica:)That is where I currently live. (The Island)I am looking for some new friends.I am a fun loving, adventurous, spontaneous, laid back woman, I am super cool, there is never a dull moment:)I am looking for somebody that is real, down to earth, a gentleman, can have a good time with, possibly become friends or never know what life has in store for you.Online dating is not really my style I am just wondering if my guy is somewhere out there.

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29, female, Single

Cengkareng, Indonesia

I'm a girl from Jakarta, I'm Catholic, live with my parents and a sister. now doing my 3rd year in Uni. I think I'm quite fun, easy going, but if it's about dating and relationship I'd like to be getting serious. I dont smoke, dont drink, what no... I read books, playing piano, collecting stamps, meeting new people, hang out with friends...etc I always want a dog (no idea why i bring this up here) but never had any. i love going to beach, get some pretty scenery, sort of relaxing. mostly i just stay at home, my studying takes my time but i like traveling if i have spare time (and money. why traveling is so costy?? nvm..) anyway.....everything start with a single step. how can i date him if i dont know him??

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41, male, Single

Middlebury Center, United States

Hello there. I'm netw to dating sights (not just a line, I promise!) and was yurned on to this by a Friend. I'm an automotive mechanic by day, and a traveler whenever i get the chance. I love to drive on roadtrips, be it for a day trip or a week, I love animals, the outdoors, and I dabble in many hobbies in my spare time like photography, hiking, and anything that involes using my hands.

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T-Makunderi, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Kubaje, Nigeria

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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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Bulturi, Nigeria

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Dangi, Nigeria

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Akote, Nigeria

Dating Prospect stone2009

Elepo, Nigeria

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Lesu, Nigeria

Dating Prospect jemima

T-Makunderi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect kunlele

Majin Karami, Nigeria

Dating Prospect ayomikeven

Dangi, Nigeria

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T-Moma, Nigeria

Dating Prospect rosewilliams

Ubima, Nigeria

Dating Prospect meggy

Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

Dating Prospect atarhe1

Dangi, Nigeria


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