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40, female, Single

Olney Springs, United States

I am Sonia by name i am 32 female with no kids ...never been married...5'7 feet tall and athletic, born and raised in New bern,TN 38059,United State.But now in Ghana doing my service i the Orphanage home here. Also outside beauty is not important to me because what is inside the heart is what am looking for, am looking for someone to share the rest of my life with, someone i can trust, someone who will not me down, I am open, very positive, erudite, well- mannered, honest, sensual, life-loving, with a good sense of humor, charming, sociable, intelligent, flexible, many-sided, optimistic, cheerful and caring. I like active life style.I bet on you having questions when looking on me, and the first one might be - "Is she real?". Yes, she is. I can't promise we will be together, I can't promise that I am the one you are looking for. But what I can GUARANTEE is my true intentions about building sincere relations and family. I came through losses in my life: an accident left me lose both my dad and mum, but it didn't make me desperate. Here I am now - positive, full of life, joyful and hopeful. Yes, I hope. I hope for the better, I hope for the future. That is what brought me here, as I don't want to sit and wait, until a man will come and make me happy. Instead I stand and make HIM happy, achieving my own satisfaction through it. I have good sense of humor, and I will always find a way to make you smile.But now, when I am an adult lady, it's time for being serious in some things, especially when it comes to relations. Here no bad jokes, but truth and honesty. Is it a deal? What you see in photos is what I am now -! I know how to look good, as I am doing my service as a nurse, so I devote enough time to my looks. Still, I leave plenty of energy for developing my inner world, too. You could try to see it in my letters, but let me give you an advice - you better explore it in REAL life, as no matter how I try - I can't show you feelings through correspondence.

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73, male, Divorced

Orange, United States

I am in search of a soul mate that is on a path of Self-Realization . Meditation and contemplation are very important to me and the pathway to Self-Realization. To know the truth about the TRUTH.Experiencing the “TRUTH” is accomplished thru meditation, in the silence. Mystics that have experienced the “TRUTH” find it impossible to express that experience in words. It is an ineffable experience. This is because the things of God are foolishness to man (ego) and the things of man are foolishness to God. The two never meet or never mix. Their nature is 180 degrees apart. God or Universe or Immortality or Awareness or Consciousness is Spiritual, Infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Man (mortal sense) is finite, limited (especially the senses, only 5 senses, which are themselves are always changing even from day to day, consist of duality, good/bad, health/sickness, birth/death, love/hate(fear).About 25 years ago, I left the corporate world to experience a simpler more fulfilling life. I believe in integrity, truth and honest communication and I expect the same in return. I am easy to get along with and non-judgmental. I care about others and enjoy being of service to others, which has brought me into the healing arts profession. I enjoy telling jokes and laughing a lot. I love holding hands, long passionate kisses, and frequent displays of affection. In the physicaL sense I enjoy being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature, playing sports, hiking up in the Red Rocks of Sedona and rappelling down, gardening or just a long walk. I enjoy music, dancing, movies and traveling. I enjoy watching baseball and occasionally going to Phoenix to watch a game. I am strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am a passionate romantic. I have a lot to offer that special woman.

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70, female, Divorced

Minerva, United States

It is a blessing to have what one needs: good health, active lifestyle, all basic needs are met (refer to Maslow's triangle here) :-) and to live just a few steps from the beach. New to this area, know a lot of folks but it seems everyone is in established relationships. I would enjoy meeting new & interesting people It is wonderful to have family close by to go to theatre, out to dinner, and beach related excursions however I would like to meet a like minded gentleman to enjoy time with.This is my first time on any dating/social meet up service so what to put in a profile? I would like to meet someone in real time for coffee/tea and to see if we are compatible. I live at the beach and enjoy all that it has to offer. Love birdwatching, stargazing, sea turtle protecting ...Within walking distance of the Aquarium. Airlie Gardens is a haven for me: a serene, tranquil place. Great natural habitat there for observation, also trails for fitness.I'm an avid supporter of the arts and I am passionate about opera and live theatre.I am equally at home at a black tie event or a backyard BBQ. I bait my own hook!My hair is silver, not grey... Recently moved here from Dallas, would be delighted to meet a buddy to do things with. I have family here however a special friend to go out with to do all of these fun things that I like to do wold be great !By this age, whatever it may be, we have all had our share of hurts and losses. Some are unavoidable, but much hurt/loss can be avoided. By living gently and following the Golden Rule we can avoid hurt to ourselves and others. Having an open heart to others is very important to me. Time is fleeting and very precious, life is meant to be lived! "Be Here Now!"If you think you'd like to get together, email!Trying to upload photo, having problems with this site

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60, male, Divorced

Washington, United States

Originally from Himalaya, I have been living in Bay area for 15 years. i am a breathwork practitioner, a yogi, a vegetarian chef, integral life coach. I love reading and writing, I am published poet in my language. I am always positive and know how to accept and stay centered and grounded through hardship of life. Everything for me is sacred and Divine! Relationship is sacred, Eating is scared....I love nature, people and life. I am fortunate that i know how to be happy and my love and devotion for Divine makes my life full and meaningful! Meditation is my passion. I mediate to awaken, to have fun,to pass time.. I am looking a mate who can be my best friend and walk with me on my journey to awaken,to be in service to Divine, to participate in evolution of the Cosmos, to evolve in Truth, Beauty and Goodness, embracing every walks of life-pain or pleasure, hardship or easiness, breakdown or breakthrough,success or matter what...who is willing to keep breathing, keep smiling and enjoying the process.....who wants to explore tantra with me....From relationship I would expect deep friendliness with intimacy, passion and commitment to grow together helping each other to free from ego and from false identification and ignorance.

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57, male, In a Relationship

Neamatpur, India

I am service man.I am handsome educatet person wish to relation with faithfull lady.

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