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Dating Prospect shaygun

T-Makunderi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect flora20

Swajiya Tsu, Nigeria

Dating Prospect obyluv

Emigozan, Nigeria

Dating Prospect slickm

Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

Dating Prospect remmybekky

Dasa ma Salali, Nigeria

Dating Prospect kate29

Mbiakpan Ididep, Nigeria

Dating Prospect mizpraiz

Ohulor, Nigeria

Dating Prospect law

Mbiakpan Ididep, Nigeria

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36, female, Married

Katneshwar, India

i like making friends longdrives music movies chatting meeting up for coffee or dinner /lunch dates....wanna someone with similar likes....

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52, female, Widowed

Tuizegorou, Trinidad and Tobago

Am a widow 45yrs.... love chatting and meeting people.... am self employed at home with a veggi mart.. love meeting people... love talking abou tlife

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59, male, Widowed

Fort Pierce, United States

Am just a normal happy lucky man that likes to laugh and joke, and basically enjoying a nice stress free existence, I love mingling and chatting away at my free time and sometimes my friends think am nuts Because I don't ever get upset with anything. But it's okay anyway as they always like hanging around me. I am not interested in casual acquaintances or more friend. I am looking to a forever commitment, a one life stand love.I want to meet a woman who is interested in a real long term relationship and to enjoy the trills that go with it. Holidays, romantic meals, cuddling up and watching D VD's. I'm a Christian Man and active in the practice of Gods work. My family and friends are important to me and we spend a lot of time with them. I love the symphony, And quiet nights eating popcorn and watching a good movies, I am looking for someone that will respect me , want to hold my hand at the end of a long day.

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54, male, Divorced

Millerstown, United States

I’ll start my profile with something real and not so bubbly and if you keep reading, you might actually get to the good stuff. I’m not sure why I’m here; not sure if meeting people online is the way to go. But how else do you find someone these days? I’ll start by saying I think we have become extremely desensitized and I feel online dating/chatting/texting just ads to it. How can someone really expect to get to know another when they’re chatting with so many other people? I mean there is no way, especially when you start confusing the people you’re talking to and conversations you’ve had, etc. Or when you’re telling all the girls/guys you’re talking to the same thing… people know when they’re being fed a line. Most people just don’t care though, because at least they’re getting something out of it. I care. I’d rather be alone. Lol! I’ll also say, people don’t seem to have boundaries anymore; if someone does happen to give you their number, it doesn’t mean you can text them non-stop, especially if you haven’t even met them in person. Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned and that’s OK, I’m not here to please everyone. I know that eventually, if I stay true to what I believe in, I’ll find the person who is right for me.I will no longer invest time or energy in people that are not worth itsomeone who is young at heart and in body/mind, but acts their age, integrity, someone who sees my value and treats me appropriately, someone who treats me differently than she treats everyone else

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38, male, Single

Jovici, Croatia

Enjoy making new friends & chatting to different people

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Dating Prospect lesliejay

Emigozan, Nigeria

Dating Prospect handsompet

Dangi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect folashecrown

T-Bobadomu, Nigeria

Dating Prospect mariakings

Bwonpe, Nigeria

Dating Prospect missloveth22

T-Masara, Nigeria

Dating Prospect michie96

Ose, Nigeria

Dating Prospect femmy

Isaye, Nigeria

Dating Prospect vivaciouseve

Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

Dating Prospect joykatty

Ose, Nigeria

Dating Prospect waynemike

Dangi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect ogbeide

Sheshishi, Nigeria

Dating Prospect famousm

Nta Ubiem, Nigeria

Dating Prospect olawalejohn2002

Jauro Gidado, Nigeria

Dating Prospect chrismax10

Dasa ma Salali, Nigeria

Dating Prospect bella315

Nta Ubiem, Nigeria

Dating Prospect jubilee1

Elepo, Nigeria


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