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Igbo Eleni, Nigeria

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Ikiot Akpan Essiet, Nigeria

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Emigozan, Nigeria

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Kwakhuna, Nigeria

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Kundurum, Nigeria

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35, male, Single

Tanger, Morocco

Coach boys basketball for the local community center; assist young men in team-building exercises, motivation, and staying physically fit

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31, female, Single

Quan 6, Vietnam

I do care and focus on spiritual growth and maturity, personal development and self-education.To me, it matters a lot with self-LOVE and self-motivation to learn, to practice and to improve ourselves spiritually and personally! We are all pure hearts with pure inner peace and LOVE. We are all pure universally connected and related!I am interested in MINDFULNESS and I have been practicing the traditions of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and his Plum Village community in France and worldwide. Happy sharing with you this beautiful and loving destination of happiness- Mindfulness practice :) We Live Love Mindfully... happy eco-village living, sharing the beauty of our universe together :) and Mindfulness practice in daily life is important and inspiring to me!I'm a serious but relaxed, faithful, intellectually curious, positive and family-oriented woman. Practice of peace, mindfulness and compassion is greatly important to my being and my life's journeys!!!I enjoy this beautiful inspiring life and my precious being with a happy, positive and healthy lifestyle. I do believe in mindfulness, being aware of the present moments and conditions of peace and happiness. There is always a choice of love or fear. If we choose fear and the alienating behavior that goes with it, we go down the tubes. It is up to us. The future is ours. If we choose love and the opportunities it offers us, we will be able to heal ourselves and the whole planet :) Let's meet, connect and share our love and happiness with the world!!! I look forward to a happy, mindful and meaningful journey with you. Cheers!

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45, female, Single

MacQuarrie Edge, Zambia

I am a builder primarily and director secondary but builder is my dominant personality. Primarily I am social, Loyal, dependable, patient. community oriented and orderly. Secondary I am decisive, focused, analytical, logical, independent and self disciplined. Relation or friendship is important to me and I am protective of people I love. Yet am skeptical of people who are impulsive and impatient with those who dont "get to the point" in conversation. Above all i am a caring social loving person and i love to sing in church and home.

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29, male, Single

Sadieville, United States

My name is Joshua Benda and I live in Toledo Iowa. I grew up on a farm with my older brother, my older sister and a younger sister. I love to act, sing, play my guitar, dance and write-I was born to live in the arts! I love being able to express myself through Acting, and last year I was signed with "The Peak Agency" in Iowa. I've only gotten two commercials so far, but that has not stopped me from wanting to do more. I do not act for money, though that does help in times;) I act to express myself, to help others connect with issues they face, and to reach people where they are at-through films and plays. My Faith in Jesus Christ is very important to me. I desire to do what Jesus did in my acting-to reach people, to tell stories and to help others understand the good news that is Christ. Currently I am enrolled full time at Marshalltown Community College majoring in Broadcasting and Mass Media. I hope to work in Radio or TV as I pursue a full time job in Acting. After I am done at MCC I hope to go to Iowa and study film and theatre then I hope to move to NYC or somewhere I can act full time:) Want to know more? Ask! :)

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38, male, Divorced

Washington, United States

I am Intelligent, compassionate, and I have a goofy sense of humor. Though I tend to be shy at first I will open up like a freakin' flower if I like my company. I am looking for a long term relationship, but I am also looking for friends at all times. I love cuddling, intimacy and just all around nauseating levels of sweetness. I am goofy to the extreme, enjoy long, intelligent discussions, and I am very open-minded.Right now I am a student at a local community college but I plan to transfer to a four year for my Bachelor's degree. I currently have two AA's in Philosophy and English. Even if you aren't interested in me romantically, if you want to talk about these subjects (or Mythology, I love mythology), just contact me, I love to talk about these subjects with anybody who is willing.My less common interests are martial arts, learning (yes, I read textbooks for fun), and I just started to get into archery. I love reading and video games. I am a huge Science Fiction and Horror nerd. I also enjoy Fantasy if it isn't too cliche. I would consider myself chaotic good (if you understand that reference: awesome. If not, that's okay).I am looking for someone who is open-minded and kind. Likes to have deep, meaningful talks, and is committed. I seriously believe in monogamy and I would never cheat. I am not looking for a fling or casual . I would like a partner that is ethical and likes to learn. I know this isn't very specific, but that is because I am open to very different types of people.

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T-Mamata, Nigeria


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