Online Dating Scams | What to Look for and Avoid | Nigerian Dating

"Online Dating Scams: What to Look Out For and Avoid

When it comes to dating people you meet online, you have to be careful. There are a lot of online dating scams out there. You may be wondering just how someone can scam you when you are looking for love online. There are actually a few ways in which they can do just that.

Bogus online dating websites. This is the most popular of all the online dating scams. They take your money and promise you results. When they fail to deliver on their promises in the first month, they do everything they can to convince you to give them another chance. When you do, they may send a few more matches your way, but of course nothing ever comes out of them. By the time you finally decide to end your profile with them, you have spent hundreds of dollars waiting it out to see if they produce any results that they promised you in the beginning.

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Online Dating Scams: What to Look Out For and Avoid

Matches that take your money. This is another of the widely used online dating scams. If you are matched with someone who either lives in another state or in another country, meeting up can be pretty tricky. Either you have to go to them or they have to come to you. Sometimes the person you have been talking to and like a lot may not be able to afford to come to you, so they ask you if you will pay for them to visit you. Sometimes this works out, but most of the time it does not. What happens is either they take your money and do not come to visit you or you buy their ticket and they use it as a means of meeting someone else. So never send anyone money or buy their ticket. If it comes down to that, spend your money to go meet them instead.

Giving out too much information. You may be talking to someone who you think is the one for you and you think that they are seriously into you. You probably let your guard down and share too much information with them. The next thing you know, your identity has been stolen and you have to do everything you can to get it back. This is a common thing when it comes to online dating scams. Never give anyone your social security number or even your home address. If they want to meet you, you can meet in a public place and not your home.

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